Short overview of curriculum vitae and competences

Dr Frits van Vugt


My professional career developed in the veterinary administration.

After graduation and PhD at the veterinary faculty (Utrecht University) I held a number of different positions in the veterinary government infrastructure: university research, national veterinary reference institute, research management and policy, deputy director and deputy Chief Veterinary Officer at the Veterinary Service at the central government, animal disease eradication and international cooperation between veterinary services. In the recent 10 years I have been active as project leader of government-to-government cooperation under the EU funded Twinning program, which aims at aligning administrations of EU candidate countries and neighborhood countries with EU norms and practices.  

I have excellent communicative skills, a charismatic personality and I am able to develop policy on an integrated level. This makes that I am able to develop and present a vision with long term perspective.  

With these skills, based on a broad and sound experience in all aspects of veterinary government administration, I want to contribute to the strengthening and further development of veterinary and food safety organisations and to share my experience in training and development.

 My field of expertise is best characterised as

-         international veterinary relations

-  institution building of veterinary and food safety governmental infrastructure.

In trainings I make use of my personal experience in animal disease eradication, crisis management, veterinary and food safety policy.

I am able to give an audience, be it from a veterinary professional discipline, or from other expertise an insight and comprehension of how policy processes develop, what the dynamics of these processes show in the field of animal diseases and food safety. Specifically this concerns the communication between public  authorities, science and the public.

The fundamental issues I address in the seminars: what is authority? How to act in uncertainty. What about credibility and trust?

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Last revision: September 2013